Lush Cosmetics Presents: We Believe

We believe in: -Effective products. Organic fruits and vegetables. The best oils and safe synthetics. The products should be as fresh as possible. The ingredients are great. For them to do right, you must use them fresh. It is a fresh, handmade product. It is not full of preservatives. No long processes. It is a natural product. It is lovely to hold. It feels good. It really feels great on your skin or your hair. This is the cooling with the fresh fruit, the large refrigerator for the factory. Every day is supplied fruit, depending on what product we make. For example, there are blueberries, kiwi, large asparagus. These are pineapples, so maybe we make I Love Juicy. Fennel. Apples, probably picked in your region. This is a huge bag of yogurt. If the fruit is delivered, it is checked for quality and freshness, so it’s good for the product. We like to use a lot of essential oils of good quality.

We like to look at the place where the ingredients come from. We check the effect on the environment and working conditions of the people who earn their living. We are really interested in what we buy. It should be good quality, and are produced in a good way. There are many different types of ethical ingredients. Each ingredient has an effect on the environment and society. We want fun, make beautiful products. But we want to make sure that negatively affect anyone. We are working very hard. That’s not easy. It is not always easy to act ethically. Yet we find it well worth it. We want to share our passion for the ingredients on to others. Certainly. We only buy ingredients from companies … Who do not test on animals or tested. We test our products on people. We have a strict policy against animal testing.

That’s a core policy. We never buy ingredients from suppliers who even test anything on animals, for whatever reason. No one has such a strict policy in this area. We stop any money from us or our customers in the pockets of companies that have something to do animal testing. We see it at a higher level. For example, we look at the legislation. We have campaigned against animal testing. We dumped manure for the European Parliament. We conduct business so as campaign. We take action. So the Lush ethics goes far beyond marketing. You have eight days with these people. Use them. They all want to work, why they are here. We have addressed many issues which is not much to do with cosmetics seem to have. But we think they just important.

We have campaigned against people imprison without trial. And against torture. Our successful campaign against nude packaging. We are naked to promote the naked Lush products. They are good for the environment and they are not packaged. That’s summit. There are no other companies that take such action. We have a strict internal policy, and we also work with suppliers and regulators. And we involve the public in campaigns. You see our ethics really necessary. We actually stabbing our arms from the sleeves, to bring about positive, long-term changes. We develop our own products and fragrances. Fresh and hand. With minimal preservatives and packaging. All ingredients are vegetarian. -And there is always a date. NO UNNECESSARY PACKAGING At Lush we develop ourselves all products and fragrances. It is unique that the founders of the company that still do. We have a list of items that we always look for. We liquids in solid form, so there is no packaging is required.

We use minimal packaging in ‘t transport. These are simply rolled up, as you see here. They are shipped in boxes. They are without packaging in the store. They just wrapped if you take them home. When we shampoo and massage and so can sell in the form of bars, we therefore do not mount to produce packaging. The unique Lushproducten the production process. We all still as if we are in the kitchen. The containers are not too large, so that one person can handle it. It is not automated. If you tell people that we make ten million bath bombs, and that employees are by hand, they do not believe you.

But if we do it. That is not wrong. We view the product from start to finish. All aspects are examined. we do not leave the process to chance. This enables us to keep an eye on what the product operation. We believe in: Cheerful people making happy soap. Our faces on products. -And mothers proud. Another unique aspect of Lush our stickers products compilers. This is Monica with her sticker. The product you will see who has created it. Such a party is really made by that person. As you can see. Many Lushmanagers are real characters. It is to us a lively bunch. Many unique personalities. And we get more solid. Manager meetings are exciting to prepare. There is always exuberant laughter. Come, come. Yes you. He’s in a bad mood. Do not pay attention. This is No Name. There is in Tonka. Do you smell it? Nice huh? Hannah approaches each product with a lot of energy. “How can we present it?” In shower products, we have of course people in the shower. But those are what I call “nepnaakt” call.

We had to make a nepnaaktkostuum. Damn, how can I now have a nice shower? Hey. How are you? I find pretty much everything. Satsumo-Santa. We have room for everything. What kind of personality you have so, you can always do something. Whether half-naked in the shower, or love are on the books. Something for everyone. A MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE LUSH-MAIL DEPARTMENT Fantastic. We believe in: bathe by candlelight. Shower together. -Massage. And let smell the perfume world. People have a passion for our products. We thought we had the greatest passion, but when you meet clients, you know that they just have such a passion.

Even in the early customers wrote letters about our products. Someone wrote that the smell of our shower reminded her of the time her baby was born. Such memories become associated with the product and therefore the company. So there arose a great band. My favorite product is the new Grease Lightning against pimples. The ingredients already indicate that it is a top product. There is a group of customers, not only in the forum, but also large customers in the shop, our products for years. These are the biggest fans, but also the toughest critics.

If we do something wrong, we hear that right. They know strangely enough these days a lot about us. What happens in our lives. Mark has grandchildren. He reported online. He has put it on the internet when they were born. All within an hour after he knew that he had become a grandfather. Such things create a personal connection. We are delighted that we have found people who are as crazy as us. Hey. I want to say something about the amazing Big Blue Bath Bomb by Lush. We love products, ingredients and bathe. We like to use a face mask to pamper ourselves. And many other people. Such people know and products they make is great. We are grateful for every day. We believe in our products. -And we have to make profits. And in the right … -To make mistakes. losing everything. -again start. Poole is the mail order company Cosmetics To Go located. We believe you have everything to lose, and start again, We put on paper just after we had just lost everything.

I was a beautician, Mark was her specialist. His wife Mo was working at that time in court. But Mark and Mo had a contract with The Body Shop. They made a home in her bedroom products for them. That was the beginning of the production. We built the company and delivered mainly to The Body Shop. We developed many of their products. That remained our property and we delivered them. We had a lot of creative ideas. Those ideas we wanted somewhere lost. That was Cosmetics To Go a mail order company. Sold the products that The Body Shop is not wanted. We gave a crazy leaf out. Finally we come to the soap room, where some of the craziest products Cosmetics To Go is made, like the popular bath bombs. Like this one, you let fizz honeymoon. When we of The Body Shop switched on Cosmetics To Go we must carefully set up the whole thing.

Nothing was really well organized. Overall, it was an incredible success, but we lost money on every order. And thus the course before long … If you want to make a small fortune, you must set up a large fortune Cosmetics To Go. We lost money on every transaction. And we had millions. We went bankrupt and lost everything. Without that experience … It was a very painful experience. And we have difficult times experienced by.

But you need to come to their senses and see what you’re good at. This has led to the products we are now at Lush, plus many of our principles. It was a very healthy experience for us. You should not be too arrogant in the business world. Everyone has this tendency. Particularly those set up business. That arrogance was less, which has contributed to the success of Lush. If we say that you can make mistakes and start over again, We are talking about there. We had set up a business and were very successful. I felt at that time enormously successful. Today, I am more cautious. You never know. Things can always go wrong. We believe that the customer is right. The customer is always right. The customer is always right. You can have a beautiful store in an excellent location, but without the right people to help the customers, are not enough.

We are there for the customers to leave again people believe. We want to show everything. Customers have fun with our good products. If we make mistakes, we put on our number. Then you lick your wounds, but the customer is always right. In campaigns, we emphasize that the customer is always right. We challenge them to think it all over the world and our role. We try to make them the right products. We want to do ethically, with good ingredients. We make products that are special and unique. As part of it’s crazy. They are ultimately in charge, so they are always right. I like to think that customers are wrong, but each time they appear to have been right. Many customers in our customer forum have quotes from me on their profile. Such as: “If I do not listen to you and pretend you’re wrong, you’re right. ” If they do not buy anything, we have to stop that product. They were right, it does not run.

Then we need something else. So we constantly innovative and progressive. This makes the cycle of a complete Lushproduct. It is delivered, the customer uses it and enjoy it. It’s crazy to make customers happy. THANKS TO EVERYONE BY LUSH.

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