Women Try Korean Skincare For A Week

– Honestly if someone told me rubbing cow shit on your face would get rid of acne. I’d be like, “Let’s split the Uber to the nearest farm.” (edgy techno music) – We’re trying Korean Skin Care for a week. – I am pretty obsessed with all skin care products. I’d say most of my money goes towards that. – I have combination skin. Dry on my cheeks, and completely oily everywhere else. – I have been getting random breakouts since I was about 19, 20. I just don’t want acne anymore, come at me. I’m ready to be a K-pop Star. – I’m Dr. Annie Chiu and I am a dermatologist. Korean women are very, very committed to beauty and skin care. Everyone’s heard by now about these 10 to 12 step Korean skin care rituals because they really enjoy and feel like they’re taking care of themselves really inside and outside.

– Oh, oh. – Oh shit. – That’s a lot. – A two-step cleansing ritual or double cleansing basically you wash your face, first with like oil-based cleanser which takes off eye makeup, eyeshadow. – I’m Lauren Conrad in my home right now. (Cissy laughing) (Sheridan sobbing) – Then you follow it with a secondary step that cleanses the more organic residues that are on your face while leaving it still really sort of pH balanced and nourished without stripping it of all its natural oils. – Do you hear this? – I know we’re literally churning butter. – I’m making butter. – Oh my god you go crazy. – It’s so foamy. – Acne prone skin tends to run a little bit oilier. You wanna look for exfoliating products or products that have Retinoids. These products turn over the skin a little bit faster which prevents pore clogging, and dissolves dead cells.

– I feel like a puppy is just rubbing its body against my face. Time for toner, let’s do this. – Let’s tone it up. – They may be in Korean skin care as well, but they tend to have slightly more gentle formulations because Asian skin is more irritable. – It smells so good. – It smells so good. Essence for you, serum for me. – An Essence typically is a little bit lighter in texture. It usually doesn’t have a very high concentration of active ingredients, but more it’s about rebalancing the skin. – Mine doesn’t smell like anything. – Well you just got really good smelling ones for the last two so just calm down. – A serum is a super potent step in a skin care regimen. – Oh. – That’s nice. – Oh, that smells like, suede. – Yeah. – You do end up stripping the skin of its natural pH so they’ll have multiple steps just to reestablish that pH.

– Bringing out the Baskin Robbins sample spoon. – Should we go get ice cream, let’s go get some ice cream. – Let’s get ice cream. – Let’s get ice cream. – We deserve it, this was a lot of work. – There’s also a much heavier emphasis on sunscreens and SPFs which is probably why they continue to maintain looking so fabulous. – It’s super like watery which I’m a fan of. – That was long, but there’s more. Bring on the mask, thank you, thank you. – Sheet masks are kind of a like a cheat way of getting high quality ingredients in really quick is based around an occlusive effect.

So whenever the skin has an ingredient on it driving the ingredients deeper into the skin. – I love this, it’s gonna be like a nice solid 30 minutes. – I’m looking forward to this week, but if I ever wake up late this is gonna be a problem. – Let’s do it. – Let go. – The fact that the routine is so long had its pros and cons. I’m home, and I’m very tired, and now I have to do like a fucking 20 minute skin care routine. – Let’s talk about how long it takes to double cleanse am and pm. I literally can’t, that’s just too much time. Definitely woke up late this morning and I have to go through my entire Korean beauty routine before I head out. I’m going to be even more late than I am already. So that’ great, but at least I’m taking care of my skin. You know. – Loves the mask. I was like a rave on my face.

Usually like sheet masks are very soothing and moisturizing. It feels minty, my face is tingling. – Pumping that little whipping maker every morning was the most monotonous, but like weirdly satisfying moment of my morning and night routine. – I noticed how a lot of like my little bumps started to clear up. My face feels so glowy right now, that mask was bomb. – One thing that I really am excited about using more often were the sheet masks that we had. The directions recommended putting it in the ‘frigerator beforehand so that it would be cold. And it was the most refreshing feeling ever. – It has been a week, it was a very long week. Mostly because I suddenly had to do like five hours worth of skin care.

– Definitely found out that my routine isn’t as extensive as I thought it was compared to the Korean version. – I noticed as the week progressed that a lot of my acne was kinda going away. – I’ve really noticed overall color correction. The redness and the patchiness of my skin has evened out, but I’m very excited to get back to my old routine and just incorporate the sunscreen and the sheet masks every once in awhile. – I’m definitely gonna keep doing it.

My face has never been cleaner. Oreo, do you think I look like J.Lo? Say nothing if I look like J.Lo. Oh. I don’t need a Halloween costume next year. I’m just gonna go as a slutty bear..

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